Boyd Specialty Sleep  
2 Chamber
Air Beds
Over 20 U.S. and foreign
patents, with more pending,
all targeting specialty sleep.


two chamber airbed

Experience unparalleled comfort and support on a Boyd NightAir 2-Chamber Air Bed. Dual adjustability means neither you nor you partner will have to compromise on comfort.

Boyd's Dual LED hand controls allow you to adjust your level of firmness in single digit increments from 1 to 100, unlike other brands that allows adjustment only in increments of "5". With Boyd NightAir 2-Chamber Air Bed you can get the perfect support that will get you a good night's rest.

SPLENDOR 21 inch Air Mattress 250 SPLENDOR
21" 2-Chamber
Pillow Top
Air Bed
SILENT NIGHT 21 inch Air Mattress 240 SILENT NIGHT
21" 2-Chamber
Pillow Top
Air Bed
PREMIER 21 inch Air Mattress 230 PREMIER
21" 2-Chamber
Plush Top
Air Bed
NIMBUS 20 inch Air Mattress 220 NIMBUS
20" 2-Chamber
Plush Top Air Bed
LuxAire 14 inch Air Mattress LuxAire II
14" 2-Chamber Air Bed
LuxAire 12 inch Air Mattress LuxAire I
12" 2-Chamber Air Bed