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The BOYD Natural Flex Latex Mattress line is a true investment in comfort and value. Plus it just may be the healthiest mattress you can buy. Perfect for allergy sufferers, Latex Foam will not support bacteria, mold, mildew or fungus and is three times more resistant to dust mites than an ordinary innerspring mattress. Plus, latex is durable and hassle free. No squeaks or lumps, and it will easily bend to fit in any doorway or up any stairwell. Boyd Natural Flex Ultra line was featured in Furniture Today.

All of our Natural Flex beds feature an eco-friendly anti-microbial rayon fabric cover made from sustainable bamboo fibers. COOLMAX compliments the cover by adding additional breathability and enhancing the drying rate of the fabric, ensuring you remain cool, dry and comfortable while you sleep.

Patent pending channel vented foam provides refreshing air circulation. Tri-zone construction enhances your lumbar support.

Boyd's Natural Latex beds proudly display the Level I Safety and Environmental Seal as established by the Specialty Sleep Association.

For more information and to view the seal CLICK HERE.

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